Why don't these people just eat normal stuff?

Today in the 8th grade class, students brought in food as part of a project. Of course, they wanted me to try all their foods. Within a matter of about 30 seconds, I was handed the following - in this order:

- a cup full of tres leches - Tres leches (three milks) is cake with milk poured all over it, which is then covered with whipped cream (and probably sour cream and cream cheese for all I know). Seriuosly, they intentionally make the cake soggy. I can't even stand when I'm at a birthday party, and the ice cream on my plate bumps into the cake, making it a wee bit soggy.

- a cup full of arroz con leche - Arroz con leche is some kind of rice pudding goop. Its kinda like filling a bowl with rice crispies and milk and then letting it sit out all day.

- more tres leches - from a different group

- A sandwich - which undoubtedly contained ketchup and mayonaise mixed together.

- a piece of flan de coco - Flan de coco is like cheesecake but worse. Its really just another variation on soggy cake.

I set down my treasure of food at the end of the table. For the rest of the period, I was quite busy helping everyone and listening to thrilling recipe presentations. I didn't get a chance to try anything. Darn. I almost got away with it. Near the end of class, one student saw my food sitting there and said, "Teacher, its not probation of my flan." (translation- Why haven't you tried the soggy cake?) I was stuck. I had to do it. I took a small bite and mustered up the strength to smile.

and speaking of funny responses to math problems . . .