a whole heap of fotos

Here are some pictures from the LAM retreat.
Da' band
More worship - nice face . . . am I whistling?

A prayer for David and Connie Befus. David is the presdident of LAM (you may recognize him if you've seen the LAM videos that we've shown). Connie is in charge of personnel and member care. Soon, they will be leaving those positions to return to the field in Colombia.
Rockin' recorder

This is Danny Gault. I think he just kicked the soccer ball, but it looks like he's dancing . . . or some kind of modern art statue

people . . . singing at one of the sessions

soccer action - I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing, but I know one thing for sure: That older gentleman is trying to trip me.
Kristin, Robin and I talking about our roles at Palabra de Vida

Robin and Joshua - I had to keep an eye on him all weekend . . . trying to woo my lady (Look at me. I'm Mr. tough guy without a shirt. Whatever dude.)
A quick practice