playin' dumb

Tonight, we went to Pricesmart to buy a few things. Robin wasn't with me as I was checking out. The young cashier rang up all my stuff and helped me bag it. I gave him our credit card to pay. He then asked to see some id. Problem: The credit card is in Robin's name, and my id is in my name (obviously). I had to think quick. What could I do? My only chance was to play dumb, so I did . . . and I believe I did it pretty well. I acted casual and looked the other way, avoiding any chance of eye contact. I had to fight back the temptation to whistle. It would have been too obvious. All the while with my peripheral vision, I could tell that the young lad was a bit perplexed by the different names. He looked at the cards, looked at me, looked at the cards again, looked back at me and then flipped the cards over to inspect them closer. I was banking on a couple facts.

1. He knew I was a foreigner, and he didn't know how many names we gringos usually have.

2. Thanks to Mr. Williams, Mr. Hood and Batman's buddy, everyone here thinks that Robin is only a boys name. So, it wasn't too far-fetched to believe that I was Robin.

After a few tense moments, he handed me back my license and proceded to charge the card. Whew! That was close. He handed me the receipt, and I signed it with an illegibal name that vaguely resembled both my name and Robin's. For some reason, I thought that signing Robin's name would just be wrong . . . and signing mine could cause problems.

Also, if you call the Isthmus company (an American software company based here in Costa Rica), you will probably here Robin's lovely voice. A friend of ours from church works there, and he asked Robin to come in and update their phone messages. We went in today to do the recording. They wanted a native English speaker to do the recordings, but they also wanted the same person to do the Spanish messages. Robin did both.

Seriously if you're board, give em a call. 704-248-8386

If someone answers, you can giggle and hang up. Whatever you do, don't mention our names.