another retreat, another picture-filled post

Highlights from the 10th and 11th grade retreat:

What I did

1. jumped off this thing . . .

2. and this thing . . .

. . . and swung out like this (that's not me, but I did do it - I swear. And no matter what anyone tells you, I didn't cry like a little girl)

3. took a long hike to a big waterfall - Sorry, no pictures, but it was really neat.

4. ate lunch - Lunch wasn't that interesting, but I thought this was a good picture of us with a few other teachers. From left to right - Yohann, Gilberto, Eduardo, Bryan-o and Robin-o

5. played some guitar - We recruited/convinced/tricked a couple students to join us. We're hoping to get a few more involved, and maybe eventually the band can be all students.

6. took a couple group photos - In the first picture, we were supposed to be serious. In the second, we were supposed to do something funny or crazy. Notice the difference between my normal pose and my crazy pose. I don't know - When I get crazy, I really let it all out. I'm a bit of a loose cannon. But, at least I didn't throw a baby like Robin did.

7. remembered what cold is - We were up high in the mountains. It was nice and sunny during the day, but it got cold at night. Not "Ohio-cold", but colder than most of our students could handle. Nice hat Robin.

*Note to anyone who remembers (Andy, Tony, Cliff, Andy Nolen?, Steve) - playing here reminded me a lot of playing at camp Wanake.

8. watched some serenades - Its a tradition for the boys to sing to the girls one night and the girls to sing to the boys on another night. Gifts are also exchanged. Its a pretty big deal. Oh yeah, and it happens in the middle of the night. This is the girls singing to the boys.

What I didn't did

1. shower - I kinda stuck my head in one of the showers on Saturday, but not for long. It was pretty cold, and I didn't care that much about being clean.

2. sleep a whole lot - Thanks to the serenades, a fake earthquake and some crazy dreams, I didn't sleep a lot. But, I didn't expect to, and I didn't mind.

3. do much wall climbing - We had to wear special shoes. The biggest they had were size 11 (I wear 13). I climbed one wall and then had to get out of the shoes.

4. rappel - Our group didn't have enough time for everyone to go.

5. watch any of the NCAA tournament games - But don't worry; I'm still in first place in my group.