At this rate, its going to take me a few years to get to my 200-ieth post. I apologize for the lack of activity this week. I have three excuses:

1. We've been busy - The drill seargents at school actually expect us to teach every day. And on top of that, we've been at the school each of the last three evenings for different things.

2. I've been sick - Hopefully, I'm done now. Its been a bit of a roller coaster ride - not a fun roller coaster like the Milenium Force or the Top Thrill racer car thing . . . more of a lame roller coaster like the one at Waldameer - Sometimes I feel fine, and other times I feel as sick as a sea lion.

3. Robin has been hoggin' the computer - but not really in a selfish way. She has had school work to do, and she's been working on making reservations for us for Semana Santa. So, I haven't had much computer time. Usually by the time I am finally granted computer permission, I'm too tired to do much. Such was the case with my last post. I really wanted it to be more spectacular. But after typing the first little bit, I crashed and just ended it.