5 - number of snow days East Canton has had so far this year (at least last I heard; they've probably had more)

1 - number of snow days we had while I was teaching at East Canton last year . . . not fair!

0 - number of snow days we've had so far at Palabra de Vida

90 - temperature almost every afternoon last week. My upstairs classroom/sauna was a bit sticky. It reminded me of August or May in my upstairs classroom/sauna at EC.

75-80 - temperature in the afternoons this week. The wind has picked up and cooled things down. Much better.

2 - number of cans of beer I'm fixin' to go buy. We're making beer-battered fish tonight.

4 - number of jokes I could make about the beer: 1. Its the only way to make it through a long day of teaching. 2. Robin beats me if I don't have a cold one waiting for her when she gets home. 3. We're just trying to fit in with the culture? 4. mmmm beer!

2 - number of minutes I laughed at the following headline on msn.com today, Falcoln denies beating dog to death. It makes sense when you realize that "Falcon" refers to a member of the Atlanta Falcons' football team. But to just read the headline makes it sound like a large bird of prey beat a poor canine to death and then denied everything. Those falcons can be such bullies.

4 - number of people in this photo wearing white:

This was one of the days just before real classes began. For some reason, four of us English teachers decided to wear white. Ashley, on the left, teaches elementary science-in English. Kristen, on the right, is another HS English teacher.

3 - Number of people in this photo wearing white:

This was the first time we played at the High School Chapel. Gilberto, Robin and I are all decked out in blanco. Honestly, teachers at LPDV can wear any color they want.

36 - number of times I had to repeat the phrase, "Let me explain everything first, and then I can answer individual questions" in class today.

2 - number of days I would love to spend in Ohio right now . . . just to see the snow. I've seen some pictures, and they made me wish I could be there to experience it. It seems like its been a few years since we had a bunch of snow.