my answers to the survey

1. If you were on Jeopardy, what story would Alex Trebec read about you after the first commercial break?

- I would give them some random, not-at-all interesting story.

Alex: So Bryan, it says here that you once got paid $12 to mow your grandma's lawn?
Me: yep . . . sure did

- And if I won and was back for a second day . . .

Alex: And now on to our returning champion, Bryan. I hear that while you were in college, you once ate four pieces of pizza in one night.
Me: yep . . . four pieces

2. Have you considered making a run for the White House in ‘08?

Who will be your running mate? b. What will your campaign slogan be?

- In 2008, if you vote for Bryan
He will be inaugurated in 2009 (pronounced "nigh - unn")

3. You’re standing on a river bank. On the other side, you see an open suitcase full of $100 bills and chocolate chip cookies. However, the river is flowing with macaroni and cheese. What do you do?

- Even if the river is very narrow and stepoverable, it still smells like Mac and cheese. I run away.

4. If you could have any job in the world, what would you be?

-Rock Star

5. If you were going to spend two years in a foreign country, where would you go?

-The United States

6. Which of the following super powers would you most like to have and why
a. the ability to lay down phat freestyle raps at any given moment
b. the ability to quiet crying babies
c.the ability to determine the circumference of any given circle just by looking at it
d. the ability to speak to all animals except the kangaroo

-I'd have to go with "d". But I know with my luck that after obtaining that power, a kangaroo would come up to me and want to start a conversation.

7. If you could have dinner with any famous historical figure, what would you order?

- Fish

8. Have you ever watched an entire episode of the Gilmore Girls? (Be honest)

-This was actually a trick question. If anyone ever tells you they watched only part of an episode, they are lying. You can't. Once you start watching, you get drawn in and can't pull yourself away.

9. Its late at night and you hear a noise coming from your closet. You get up to check it out. You open the closet door to see the scariest sight you've ever seen. What is it?

10. What should I get Robin for Valentine's Day?
-Do you think I could get away with telling her that its not celebrated here?