just a house plant or a lesson on life?

So, we have this house plant that Mark and Adrienne gave us before they left. His name is Planty Planterson. He sits on a yellow stool on the landing of our stairs to the second floor. Every time we go up or down the stairs, we pass by him and see him - it would be pretty much impossible not to. He has known good times and bad times. Sometimes when we walk by, he is stretching his tall, green branches toward the sun coming through a nearby window. And if you're real quiet, you can hear him humming pleasant little plant songs. But at other times, his branches are neither tall nor green. They are dried and shrivelled, and they sag towards the ground. If you're real quiet when you walk past him in this state, you can here him coughing - its pretty sad. Its at these times that Robin usually says, "Hey, you need to give Planty Planterson some water". Of course, I know that he needs water; I've walked by him about thirty-six times and seen him. But, I just haven't had the time or energy to fill a cup with water, walk up seven steps, dump the water and then put the cup back. But at Robin's request, I finally give the little guy what he needs. Its usually only a matter of hours before the life comes back into his branches and leaves.

I got to thinking:

We go through this process every two or three days. We water the plant, he comes to life, a few days pass, we see that he is about to die, and we give him a bit more water so he can survive. What if we were to water him every day? Or even twice a day? Maybe he would do more than just survive?