I'm sleepy

The last two days have been action-packed.

7:00-12:00 school - It was only a half day and only for 7th graders.

12:00-3:00 practice - We practiced with the group that we formed on Friday to play at the chapel services. A good portion of that time was getting everything (drums, sound system, speakers . . . etc.) set up.

3:30 home - We realize that we have no water. We turn the spickets of the sinks and showers and nothing comes out.

6:00 shopping - We run out to grab some things we need for school.

7:00 driving - I leave for my second practice of the day, this time with Giancarlo and Monica at Monica's apartment.

7:30 I am lost - I can see the building I want to get to from the highway, but I can't find my way there. How I miss the land where the roads follow some sort of order.

8:00 I arrive

8:00-10:00 rockin' - We play through a bunch of songs

10:00 dinner? - Monica gets out some Empanadas Argentinas for us to eat. We spend a long time talking about music, God and lunch meat.

11:30 directions to get back on the highway - "Its easy" Monica says. "You just turn left and then turn right and you're there"

11:33 no way! - As Giancarlo and I are riding the elevator down, he asks me what time it is. I grab my phone expecting it to be like 9:30 or 10:00. I was way off.

11:45 lost again - Not a clue where I am or how I messed up the "easy" directions. I'm just guessing as I make turns. Once again, its not like the roads are straight and you can just head in one direction.

12:00 downtown San Jose - I don't like to drive through San Jose at 3:00 on a Sunday afternoon in the parts that I know, so midnight in an unknown part is a nightmare. The good news is that most of the lights are green. And, I'm kinda disregarding the red ones.

12:05 - I don't know much about city life, but I'm pretty sure those were hookers.

12:06 - yeah. definately.

12:08 - I think that one was a dude.

12:15 Halleluiah - After a bunch of guessing and turning, I see a sign for Heredia . . . then another one for the airport. I'm heading in the right direction.

12:30 I'm home - But, we still don't have water


6:00 ah nuts! - I get up and turn on the fawcett: nothing. The only thing running are the tears down my cheeks. Still no water.

6:30 - We arrive at Kristin's house to borrow her shower. In my haste to pack my clothes, I forgot my belt. I end up wearing one of Kristin's. I'm man enough to admit that. I'm sure it doesn't surprise you.

7:00- 11:30 classes - First day of real classes and its obvious that the kids would much rather still be on vacation. How can I tell? A bunch of them said they would much rather still be on vacation.

11:30 chapel - We rock it out. Actually, I can't tell you how it sounded. I couldn't hear it (no monitors). But, it seemed like some of the kids were singing.

12:00-3:00 more classes

3:00-5:00 practice - We figured since all the stuff is out, we might as well practice for next week. I think Robin is going to drop over.

5:00 dinner - Kristin gives us some pasta. Thanks!

5:30 home - water!

6:00 - I leave to get a couple more things for school.

6:03 putt, putt . . . dead - The car is out of gas. Oddly enough, it dies at the same place as this incident. I can't find the hazard lights; I'm sitting in the middle of the road on the bad side of a big curve. I swear every car is going to hit me. Note - the gas gage said there was still about an eighth of a tank. Liar! I let it coast back down the hill a bit and get it as far off the road as possible.

6:10 - walking

6:30 gas - I arrive at a gas station and ask if I can buy a tank. They don't have any, but the nice gentleman gives me a big white container and fills it with gas. Its really sad when you can actually see (and carry) ten dollars worth of gas. Its not much.

6:45 walking - now uphill

7:00 back at the car - Since the container is not a real gas tank, it doesn't have a spout and theres no way I can pour it into the tank.

7:10 walking back home

7:20 home - I find an old juice bottle to use as a funnel. I also change my clothes. Up til now, I have been in my dress clothes. I figure I'm about to take a gas shower, so I change. Smart move.

7:25 walking

7:35 back at the car - I MacGyver it up a bit. I use one hand to hold a stick that is prying open the flap on the gas tank while I hold the plasitic bottle/funnel with the other hand. I use the other hand to lift the giant container and pour the gas- most of it on the road. Wait. How many hands was that?

7:40 it won't start - Come on!

7:45 Halleluiah! - it starts and I'm off to the store, smelling of gasoline.

8:30 home - And much to my surprise, the Cavs are on TV and they're winning big. Maybe this isn't such a bad night.

9:00 shower - much needed.

now - bed