I guess that's why they call it saturday

Some of the awesomeness from this day . . .

- I had no obligation to get up at any time . . . nowhere to be, nothing scheduled to do. It was the first time in a while that I could sleep as long as my little heart desired. I didn't even have to set the old alarm clock. So, at what late morning hour did I finally get up? . . . 5:30. And, I couldn't go back to sleep.

- After two weeks of trying my usually dependable home remedy for sickness (ignore it and hope it goes away), I decided to break down and go see a doctor. I went this morning to an office that Matt and Lisa recommended. I explained my symptoms to the doctor, and he was pretty sure that I have a parasite. Don't tell our landlord. They enforce the "no pets" restriction pretty strictly here. He perscribed me some pills and said I should have my mojo back in no time.

- I just finished writing my first test for school. I only threatened to throw the computer out the window a few times. Thats pretty good for me. Microsoft Word and I have a long, storied history. We just don't get along. Stupid "auto-format". I swear I saw that little paper clip guy give me the finger and laugh slyly as he was indenting, numbering and putting bold lines under every question I typed. I will have my revenge.

- Today is J$'s 2nd birthday. We got to sit in on his party via webcam.

- I saw a pretty interesting commercial today. Before I describe it, I should mention that the Costa Rican/Latin American commercials can be pretty strange. This one opens with Adam and Eve in a beautiful garden. Eve picks an apple off a tree, and suddenly the sky clouds over and there is loud thunder. Obviously, God is not pleased. Adam and Eve seem concered. Then out of nowhere, appears a penguin . . . with halls cough drops. He throws one up to the sky. The clouds swirl around the cough drop, let out a sigh of relief and then roll away to reveal beautiful sunshine. Apparently, God was able to forgive that whole disobedience/sin thing thanks to a friendly penguin and his magical cough drops.