here's another Sunday morning call . . .

The great paradox: We've been busy, but not much has really happened lately. We've spent the last week and a half getting ready for classes to start - attending meetings, planning for the year and attending meetings. The real fun is just about to start. Tomorrow is the first day of class for 7th graders, and all the students come on Wednesday.

On Friday, I got to help out with one of my all-time favorite activities - buying a guitar. I was actually asked if I wanted to go buy a guitar and not pay for it myself. Um . . . yeah. Duh! That's like saying, "Hey Kurt, you wanna go pick out a shotgun, and I'll buy it for you". Of course, the guitar is not for me. It belongs to the school, and it will stay at the school. They bought it and a drumset for a few of us to use to lead music on Wednesdays. But, it was still a good time. It was the fastest guitar buying experience of my life. We skipped right past the two months of debating, three months of research, two more months of debating and month of trying to convince Robin that I usually go through. We bought a guitar and a drumset in about a half hour. And in all honesty, I didn't really do much. They asked for the best guitar for a certain price, and I just pretty much gave my approval.

I'm wearing gray brown shirt to church today.

The other day, we finished the pickles. The jar was pretty big, and it just didn't seem right to throw it away. I figured we could use it for something. So, I worked pretty hard at washing it (you know, you gotta get the smell out). Robin saw me washing it. "Dear husband," she asked - a bit perplexed, "Why ist thou wershin' yonder pickle jar with such fervor?" Jokingly, I replied that maybe I would sell it on Ebay. So out of curiosity, I looked up "pickle jar" on Ebay.

53 items