another recording, the power of 3, Valentines Day and butterflies ahh!!

I don't really plan on doing this every time we play at church, but I wanted to let you hear the difference a full band made (well, almost full - we could use another guitar and a percussionist . . . and a tamborinist of course . . . but where can you find a good tamborinist these days?) Click play to listen.


hay momentos.mp3

This song is cool, because the chords used represent some form of every letter in the musical alphabet (A, Am, B7, Bm, C#7, C#m, D, E, F#m and G#m)

Also . . .

For the third Sunday in a row, the Cavs played on ABC. Unfortunately, I had to miss the end of the game to go to church to play for the evening service. If I would have known that this church music stuff would take me away from watching the Cavs, I would have never signed up. It was also the third consecutive game they've played on TV (Wednesday and Friday, they were on ESPN here). They also won their third consectutive TV game today. It was also the third straight day that I ate a bunch of peanut butter sandwiches.

How about this . . . I was looking at my lesson plans today. The first unit for the level 5 class is about friends and relationships. Without even knowing about it, I had planned to talk about dating on Wednesday. Wednesday just happens to be February 14th. Some teachers just have a gift.

On Friday, one of my eighth grade students told me that she hates butterflies. Who hates butterflies? Maybe it all started when a butterfly ate her dad?