10 reasons why Super Bowl XLI was good

10. It wasn't soccer

9. It was over by 9:00 (our time) - Usually the Super Bowl lasts super late, and its hard to get up the next morning.

8. Big screen - Matt hooked up a projector from the school and set up a screen in his living room.

7. It was in English - Thats not always the case with Sporting events. Fortunately, the game was on CBS, and Matt and Lisa get a CBS station from New York. We also got to see the real commercials.

6. I saw two dudes kiss (Snickers) - It was a bit awkward, but now Rick Roloff and I don't have to feel so weird about that "incident" last year with the last hot dog at the team cookout.

5. Many people paid thousands of dollars to sit in the rain.

4. That girl who sang at halftime was pretty cute.

3. The Colts were not well respected - When the playoffs began, every analyst (professional and couch) said the Colts would probably struggle against Kansas City and then lose not long after. (It was for this same reason that I would not have been too upset if the Bears had won)

2. Payton Manning deserves to win a Super Bowl - He's big, slow, clumsy and very white, but he's one of the best ever.

1. Tony Dungy deserves to win a Super Bowl - I had the priveledge of meeting Mr. Dungy at an FCA camp in North Carolina a few years back. He (along with Bobby Bowden) was one of the speakers. He is a great coach and a truly humble person. He disproves three myths of soft-spoken people:
1. They lack confidence
2. They lack discipline
3. They can't be good football coaches