What was I thinking?

I don't know how it is in your family . . . but at our house, if you eat the last of something that means you "ate it all". How could I forget this concept? Yesterday, we bought a pineapple, a canteloupe and a watermelon, chopped them all up and made a pretty good sized fruit salad. Today after school, we each had a bowl of it, and I noticed that there wasn't much left. So this afternoon while I was in the kitchen, I got out the fruit salad and finished the last few pieces. Oops! When Robin woke up from a little nap later in the afternoon, she stumbled to the kitchen with one thing on her mind: fruit salad. When she got there, the fridge was bare. She turned into Crankenstein. "How could you eat all the fruit salad?" Of course, I didn't eat all of it. In fact, she ate more of it than I did. But since I ate the last few pieces, I "ate it all". She then decided she would have some oreo cookies, which I finished awhile ago. So now I'm hiding in here, trying to make this post take as long as possible so she can cool down. The fact that I'm writing about her on the world-wide internet should put her in a better mood.

We started teaching our intro English class today. For those of you who don't know, the school year here begins in February. But during the month of January, Robin and I are teaching an intro class for students who will be new this year and don't have a very good English background. If they were to try to jump into the English courses at the school without a warm-up, they could get really lost. We had eight students today. Most of them will be in seventh grade next year, but a couple are younger. The class meets for four hours a day. Thats a long time to try to keep the attention of 7th graders, but things went pretty well today.