top o' the mornin' to ya

Once again, I'm writing in the morning. Its about 8:00 on Sunday morning, and we are getting ready (which means I've already showered and dressed and Robin is just getting up) to go to church at 9:00. But Bryan, why are you going to church at 9:00? It doesn't start until 10:30.

Well . . .

- Remember how I said that I joined one of the new praise teams at church?
- Yeah . . .
- And remember how our group was just getting started and probably wasn't going to play for church until sometime in February?
-Yeah . . .
- And remember how we've only practiced once, and it wasn't a real practice . . . we just talked about what songs we liked and played a few of them?
- Uh huh . . .
- And how most of the songs are new to me?
- Yep
- And remember that we aren't even a full band yet?
- Oh yeah, thats right . . .
- Do you see where I'm going with this?
- Not really. Oh wait . . . is Robin pregnant?
- No.
- Are you guys getting a puppy?
- ???
- a monkey?
- No. No baby, no puppy and definately no monkey. We have to play at church this morning.
- Who does?

It turns out that the group that was supposed to play this morning and tonight had to cancel, so they called us. I don't know why one of the other two well-practiced bands couldn't do it. We are going early this morning to practice. I'll admit that I'm less than confident that things are going to go smoothly, but hopefully we can make it work. I don't know exactly what songs we're going to do. A couple of the songs we talked about doing are English songs that I know which have been translated into Spanish. Honestly, I don't like the translated songs as much as the ones that were originally written in Spanish, but they should be easier to play. And fortunately, many Spanish worship songs, like most all English songs, are pretty easy to pick up.

Last night, we got together for dinner with a bunch of other missionaries who had been at LAM orientation with us two years ago in Miami. One family is at language school, one couple is on a short term trip here and the rest of us are worrking in Costa Rica. While we were at orientation, we didn't know how many of us would actually end up on the mission field. So for this many of us to be in the same country at the same time is pretty crazy. It was neat to be with that group again and remember back to two years ago. I imagine many of them were like us . . . a wee bit overwhelmed by the whole mission idea. And now, here we all are.