O' for 17 tongues to sing

We went to los Guizaros this morning. Other than Cecilia (the lady who runs the mission) and one other lady who helped cook, Robin and I were the only helpers there. All the other usual volunteers were in Nicaragua on a mission trip with their church. We got there with no idea of how things were going to work. The girls who usually teach the Bible lessons have children's story books, corresponding pages to be colored by the little ones, lessons for the older ones and other fun stuff. We had none of that.

After we got there, Cecilia found some old copies of sheets to be colored and some crayons. One of the pages had a clock, and the other one had a banner that said "siempre debe haber tiempo para la familia" (There should always be time for family). So, we decided to go with a family theme. Because its summer now and many of the kids are away visiting family, we had a rather small group. There were only seventeen when we began and probably about twenty five by the time we served lunch.

We started with some songs. I didn't take my guitar, because I figured we wouldn't sing. Robin and I led "Cantare de tu amor por siempre" and "Por siempre" acapella. Then, we told the story of Jose (Joseph) and his family. Next, there was some coloring. And finally, we served a lunch of rice, beans and eggs. It turned out to be a pretty good day.