mission team mania

La Palabra de Vida is a bumblin' with activity tonight. There are two mission teams there right now. One is from Colorado, and one is from Chicago. The Colorado group has been here all week and is leaving tomorrow. The Chicago group just got here today and will be working all next week. But for now, they're all at the school, and there's barely enough room for them all to sleep. Well, there's plenty of room but not that many air mattresses. (Pansies! I spent a week in Mexico sleeping on a pool raft!) We went out to dinner with both groups tonight. We had mountain chicken.

Do you have any marrital problems?

That's what one of our students asked a guest to the classroom today. Well, its not exactly what he said, but its what the guy heard . . . and was about to graciously answer before I clarified things a bit. Today we were talking about jobs and professions. I thought it might be fun to invite a couple people from the Colorado mission team to visit our class and be interviewed about their professions. All in all, it went well. The students asked a lot of good questions and understood almost all of the responses. The two guests being interviewed were Rob and Greg. The student who asked Greg about the marrital problems was actually trying to ask if he had any medical problems (which itself is pretty personal). Greg thought he said marrital problems. I think the student who asked the question was a little confused about the whole interview activity. I'm pretty sure he thought it was supposed to be a prospective employee job interview. Before Rob and Greg came in to the class, we were talking about potential questions to ask, and he suggested:

Do you enjoy the drugs?

Also, Rob got asked if he had any children . . . after he had already answered no to: "Are you married?"

Who's teaching these kids this stuff?