Los Guizaros

I took our camera to Los Guizaros this morning. (Click on the pictures to see them bigger)

This is the "comedor" - where the kids eat and where we do the singing and Bible studies

The house with the orange gate is Cecilia's. She is the one who runs the program. She feeds the kids six days a week.

Keith's car, our car and a view of the neighborhood

Rebecca teaching the young kids - The lady in the chair in the back is Cecilia. Can you find Robin?

The young kids coloring pictures

Pictures you don't see:

1. The music - I was too busy rockin' on my guitar to take pictures
2. Cecilia's kitchen - Its too sacred for pictures.
3. The kids eating - I didn't have the camera out. They had spaguetti and rice.
4. An intense street soccer game - Again, I was too busy playing to take pictures. They called me "el gigante".