Its always good to have goals

Wow! Is it Friday already? What happened to Wednesday and Thursday? Here are my objectives for today.

By the end of the day . . .

1. I will know why our phone service has been "temporarily suspended".
2. Robin and I will know what classes we will be teaching this year - We have a meeting with Lisa this afternoon.
3. The students in our intro class will know how to give and follow directions - It seems easy enough to teach, but the idea of directions is sometimes lost on this culture.
4. I will have watched the cavs on TV for the first time all year. Rumour has it that they will be on. But I've been hurt before, and honestly, its hard to trust again.
5. I will finish and upload one more song to the 2007 file.
6. There will be no more chicken sausage in our fridge. - I may need the help of our neighborhood stray dog for this one.

Those seem like reachable goals. Right? I'll check back in later to let you know how I did.