I shall call him mini me

J$ and I-zik
I'm not usually one to make Austin Powers references, but I couldn't let this go.

Its time for my daily installment of "funny stuff kids say as they are learning English". Is it wrong that I get so much of a kick out of this? Or maybe I should ask, is it wrong for me to post this stuff online? Honestly, I think the kids are doing great with their English. Its just nice to have a comic relief sometimes. Here we go:

Sometimes my grandma is cheese.

- It took every ounce of dignity I had to not laugh at this young man as I explained to him that his grandma eats (not is) cheese.

Chickens swim in the pool

- pronounced "chee kens swim in duh pool" - translation - "She can swim in the pool" Once again, I was utterly confused until I figured out what he meant.

That reminds me of a story. Its actually not much of a story, but I thought it was funny. When we first got to Costa Rica, our host family was telling us about different restaurants they have. Myriam told us they have Papa Johns, Burger King and Chicken Church. She, of course, meant Church's Chicken. It immediately brought to mind a congregation of hens and roosters sitting in pews and listening to Pastor Chicken cluck away. Wasn't that one of Reverend Ed's old childrens stories?

Tonight, I went to a practice for music at our church. There are four different praise bands at our church, and they take turns playing for different services. Its not really a huge church; its just that there's a ton of talent. Its like that in many Latin American churches. Anyway, I am part of a new group. Right now it consists of two singers (Guillermo and Monica), another guitar player (Giancarlo) and myself. We hope to add some more instruments. We spent most of the night going through songs and coming up with ideas. It was fun.

I learned something last night: Watching the Golden Globes is not half as entertaining as watching the Golden Girls.

Speaking of last night . . . our power went out again. But this time, it happened at the worst possible time. We were just getting to the end (and obvioulsy the best part) of "Win a date with Tad Hamilton". We had no choice but to go to bed. Then, the power came back on in the middle of the night. We didn't realize that our bedroom light was on before the power went out. So when it came back on, we were blinded. I also vaguely remember getting up last night (before the power had come back) and using the light from the ipod to make sure no one was behind our bedroom door.

Our car was recently the victim of racial profiling. The other day while we were inside, the alarm started going off. The guard heard the alarm and called one of our neighbors who has a much nicer car. He just assumed his car would have an alarm and not ours. I was hurt.