the honeymoon is over

Sadly, our marriage has been reduced to . . .

. . . his and her buckets of fruit. In the early days, we could have just made one bucket of fruit and shared it without any problems while we sat and smiled at each other. But now, that would lead to arguments, accusations of "you ate all the fruit" and probably a few black eyes (for me). Unfortunately, this is the only way to maintain peace in our house.

Speaking of pictures of food . . .

We made a trip to Pricesmart today. God bless the man who invented membership/bulk shopping. Because of him, we were able to purchase:

enough iced tea mix to fill a swimming pool
(mmm . . . I would swim with my mouth open for sure)

a boatload of generic frosted flakes (this all came from one package)
They're grrrrrrrrande!

a giant box (with twelve smaller boxes) of milk
all ready to sit in the cupboard