Hey, where are you going with my tires?

- Add two more things to the list of events in Denver (click here if you didn't read my earlier post about Denver and our tv stations).
1. The shooting of Darrent Williams
2. An avalanche that fell on a highway and covered a couple cars. Fortunately, everyone got out ok.

- The headline on MSN reads Colts' D bails out Manning against Chiefs. Good thing they "bailed him out". 30-38 for 265 yards is a bad day? Come on guys. I realize that there were only two games to over-analyze today, but there's gotta be better ways to make the game seem like it was interesting.

- Brad and Krystal sent us a new webcam. Its actually not a webcam. Its an old security camera that Brad found at work. He used some wires, adapters, old microwave parts and turkey gravy to turn it into a web cam. Its allows us to use a much wider view and the picture is much clearer.

- Speaking of sending things, we've received about five different Christmas cards in the mail. We've been excited and a bit surprised at how much mail has actually made it to us. According to the postmarks, most things arrive in about 8 days. I'm not saying that we trust the system enough for you to send anything valuable, but it seems like letters and cards are making it.

- Am I the only one who things that they should name avalanches like they do hurricanes? I think today's would be called Avalanche Eddie. I may write a letter to the weather channel to see what they think.

- When asked about her New Year's Resolution, Brittany Spears said she wants to stop biting her nails and "spend a little more time taking care of myself". Thats great to hear from a woman who recently became the mother of two.

-Today we went to Los Guizaros. We got a little lost, but we found our way and actually made it all by ourselves. Of course, we got there just in time to find out that they weren't doing the service or serving lunch today. We hung out with Cecilia for a while. It was nice to talk to her.

- Early this morning, I woke up and saw that the power was out. I fell back asleep and dreamed that the power was out. But in my dream, we were in a hotel on the 11th floor, and bad guys were responsible for the power outage. They also took the tires off my car.