first random post of 2007

- I've been having crazy dreams lately. Last night, Rick Roloff killed someone (I can't remember who it was). Somehow, Micah Butler got blamed for it and thrown in jail. I was involved because Rick used my car at the crime scene. A couple friends and I went to try to get Micah out of prison. We got to the jail, which was just a big house, and we explained everything to Queen Latifah. She was a guard or something. She believed us and was going to help us bust Micah out. That's all I remember.

- You guys missed out on New Year's Borin' Eve here at our place. We threw a little party. It was a party of two - Robin and Me. We pretty much just hung out at home. Thanks to Lisa Troyer who called us from the future. That was pretty much the most exciting part of the evening. We also called Kurt and Carla's house, which is where we would have been if we had been in the U.S.

- The ball drop in New York was an hour before midnight here, but we still watched it. The only channel that showed it here was FoxNews. Nobody watches Fox News on New Year's Eve, and it was obvious. They did an interview with Flavor Flav. Then, they had a live performance by Hootie and the Blowfish. I had to check the screen real close to make sure it didn't say New Years Eve 1998.

- The Green Bay Packers have a player named Daryn Colledge. You think his father ever had this conversation?:

- So, you got any kids?
- Yeah. Daryn Colledge.

(If you don't get it, maybe you're not reading it out loud. Or maybe its not half as funny as Robin and I thought it was)

- Did anybody else watch the Boise St. and Oklahoma game last night? It was incredible. If you didn't see it, you can click here to watch highlights. Make sure you watch the fourth quarter and overtime.

I had been watching the game on and off last night as I did other things. I started watching intently when Boise St. was leading 28-20 in the 4th quarter. It just had the feel of a game I didn't want to miss. I was not disappointed. Here's how it went down:

Boise State was leading by eight with a little over a minute left. Oklahoma drove down and scored a touchdown on a tipped pass. They had to go for the two point conversion. They threw a fade to the corner of the end zone which landed incomplete. But, BSU was called for pass interference. On their second attempt, they threw the same fade. This time the receiver caught it, but OU was called for an illegal shift. On their third try, this time from the 7 yard line, the OU quarterback made a nice pass over the middle and they converted.

Boise St. then had the ball with a little more than a minute left. On their first play, there was a miscommunication between the QB and a receiver, which resulted in an interception that the OU defensive back returned for a touchdown. OU led 35-28 with about a minute left. BSU had the ball again. They got the ball to about midfield before they missed a few passes and took a sack. It was fourth and 18 with about 30 seconds left. They ran one of the best hook and lateral passes I've ever seen and the receiver raced to the corner of the end zone for the tying score. Overtime.

Oklahoma had the ball first in overtime. On the first play, Adrian Peterson ran 25 yards for a TD. OU led 42 -35. Boise St. then had the ball. They ran a few plays and ended up with a fourth down at about the four yard line. They had the quarterback and a receiver lined up in the backfield. Then, the quarterback went in motion. They snapped the ball to the receiver who ran right then threw a pass to a tight end for the touchdown. BSU decided to end the game there and went for the two point conversion. They still had one trick play left, and it worked perfectly. The QB faked a screen pass right and then handed off, behind his back, to the running back who trotted in for the game-winning score.

I'm not sure why I took the time to write that all out, but now I gotta go. Robin is waiting.