evening service audio

Well, we survived the morning and the evening services. It wasn't great, but it was good enough.

As I was leaving after tonight's service, the sound guy handed me a cd with a recording of the evening service. I guess they do that pretty often, so the praise teams can analyze . . . kinda like post-game films. So, I figured why not post it? Click on the guitar guy to hear each track.

A few disclaimers:

1. Worship services almost always sound bad when they are recorded.

2. Monica had a sore throat and didn't sing, so it was an all dude review.

3. Giancarlo's guitar (which was way louder than mine) kept going out of tune.

4. My opinion of Spanish worship has always been this: The fast songs are great, but the slow songs are . . . eh . . . slow, and they drag a bit. But they are prayerfull and the people dig 'em.

01 opening prayer....

Guillermo getting things started

02 cantare.mp3
cantare de tu amor por siempre

03 cielo y tierra....

cielo y tierra and cerca de ti (they got recorded as one track)

04 eschucharte.mp3

05 tu mirada.mp3
tu mirada