4 1/2 out of 6 ain't bad

1. Finding out why our phone service was suspended was a bit tricky. Because we are not nationals, we can't really have a phone line in our name. A Costa Rican (Walter) had to get the line in his name, and we just pay him. So in order to find out what was going on, all I had to do was call Walter. But you see, calling Walter about our non-functioning phone wasn't easy, because . . . of our non-functioning phone. I eventually got a hold of him with our internet line and found out that he had never actually paid for our last bill. He had paid his son's and thought it was ours. He took care of it quickly and called me on the now-functioning phone to tell me the good news.

2. We met with Lisa yesterday to discuss classes for this school year. We got some ideas, but she is still not yet sure about what we will be teaching.

3. The students in our class now know how to give and follow directions. They were a little confused when they saw maps that had words written on the streets. It was like they had names or something.

4. I did get to watch the cavs on TV. They lost.

5. I uploaded a new song to the 2007 song file.

6. We still have some chicken sausage left.