you say you want a resolution . . .

I've never been big on New Year's resolutions. However, I did kinda make one at the beginning of this year. I guess it was more of a goal than a resolution. I decided that I wanted to write 52 songs in 2006 - one per week for the entire year. I actually met that goal. I just uploaded song #52 today. You can check out the songs here (or by clicking the 52 in 52 link on the right). Keep in mind that my goal wasn't to write 52 good songs in 2006, just 52 songs. Also keep in mind that all the posted songs are just demos, and many were recorded very quickly.

Which brings us to 2007. After succesfully reaching my goal for this year, I'm encouraged to try some new ones for next year. Here are my resolutions/goals/dreams/hopes for the new year:

1. Read more - I really enjoy reading, but I don't do enough of it. 52 books in 52 weeks? Probably not, but I do hope to read more than I did this year.

2. Blog often - shouldn't be too hard

3. Get rich - Robin and I are still figuring out how we can work this missionary system to our financial favor.

4. Participate in some kind of athletic activity - I haven't yet found a way to do this, but I hope to. I've heard of a group of guys who play basketball on Saturday mornings. I may try to do that sometimes. At home, I enjoyed riding my bike. I've considered doing that here, but a) bikes are expensive and b) the roads can be dangerous and hilly. Robin has suggested that we go running. Ha! That'll be the day. I don't run. It hurts and its boring.

5. Participate in some kind of musical activity - As with athletic activity, I haven't found a way to do this yet, but hopefully I will. I sure miss playing shows with Andy and Tony or playing at church.

6. Get our refund from Cable Tica - Its sounds funny, but this may be a year-long goal. Lets see if I can sum this up. Cable Tica was the original cable company we contacted. They charged us but were unable to install anything here. We now have Amnet cable, but Cable Tica has not yet refunded our money. We've made two trips to the office and numerous phone calls but still no luck.

7. Convince Robin to stop watching designer/home improvement/home makeover type shows - I can almost guarentee she's downstairs doing that right now. Those shows are so dumb and way over-dramatic.

I don't think we'll get it done on time! The Brown family will be home in two hours, and we still haven't sanded the drywall!

There's one (who knows what its called) where they take furniture and decorations from one room of somebody's house and move them to another and act like they've made some kind of designer breakthrough. Its rediculous.

8. Start a basketball program at La Palabra de Vida - Matt Befus suggested that I try to start a basketball program for kids at the school. I'm really excited about the idea, but it won't be easy. There isn't too much of a structured sports program at the school. They have a soccer team, but from what I understand, its pretty sporatic. I'll have to figure out how many kids are interested, who we could play against and when we should play.

9. Get new jeans - Before we came down here, I had one good pair of jeans. They were my go-to pants. I brought them with me, fully expecting them to be my only jeans for two years. Why not? I would wear them for weeks at a time at home without a problem. Well sadly, not long after we got here, the jeans kinda self-destructed. They got all stretched out and baggy. I can't wear them anymore without tripping all over them and feeling like a thug. As with most anything here thats imported, the jeans in the stores are crazy expensive. We went to a Levi's outlet store today. I was really hoping to find something. The prices weren't bad, but we didn't find a single pair that was my size. I'm affraid I'm going to have to order some from the U.S. and find a way to get them sent here. Until then, I'll continue to thug it up.

10. Serve - We have some idea of what is in store for us in 2007, but we also know that many different opportunities and/or challenges may arise. Robin and I both pray that we will approach the year with servants' hearts, willing to follow wherever God leads.