the new me

I'm done with trying to reach the top
The richest dead man's still just dead
Let's call in sick and take a walk
I want to fall in love with you again
I know we can't undo whats done
Lets open our hands to forgiveness
Unlock the secrets we've become
and leave them all in search of . . .
a new beginning

Differences between old Bryan and new Bryan:

1. cool guy glasses
2. gotee
3. long hair
4. old Bryan = regular, new Bryan = more fun than a bunch of wild monkeys
5. When old Bryan answered the phone, he would say "hello". New Bryan simply says "yo".
6. For old Bryan, "club" = my favorite sandwich at Subway. For new Bryan, "club" = what I tear up nightly.
7. New Bryan eats cereal in front of people.
8. Old Bryan drove a Toyota Tercel (what a loser). New Bryan drives a Toyota Carolla.
9. Thanks in large part to the sweet gotee, New Bryan never gets mistaken for a student at school (a problem that plagued old Bryan).
10. New Bryan rules his classroom with an iron fist . . . and a large wooden club.
11. New Bryan wears deodorant.
12. Old Bryan enjoyed reading John Grisham novels. New Bryan only reads Muscle Car Monthly and Facial Hair Digest.
13. New Bryan can dance.
14. Old Bryan kept a tight grip on his finances. New Bryan spends first and asks questions later.
15. New Bryan uses regular Ranch dressing on salads . . . when he gets a salad. Most of the time he just orders a second steak instead.
16. New Bryan would never watch all of Pride and Prejudice.
17. When new Bryan is thinking about something, he runs his fingers through his thick, dark hair. Old Bryan used to just kinda scratch his head.
18. New Bryan knows that Smallville is way better than The OC or Gillmore Girls.
19. New Bryan would play defense.
20. New Bryan has a tatoo. Its a saber toothed tiger with a gotee and glasses.
21. Old Bryan enjoyed playing golf. New Bryan enjoys using golf clubs to beat up sissies who enjoy playing golf.
22. Old Bryan used to take his car to an instant oil change place. New Bryan doesn't change his oil. He just doesn't care
23. New Bryan is allergic to shellfish.
24. New Bryan could bench press old Bryan.
25. New Bryan looks good in leather pants.
26. New Bryan was selected as People Magazine's Person of the Year for 2006.