I'll be home for Christmas . . .

. . . if only in my blog.

First of all, Congratulations to Andy Wolfe. Andy answered the trivia question correctly from my last post. He knew that Belen = Bethlehem. I'm thinking that instead of just sending him one of those sweet magic snowman/dorito/guitarpotatoreindeer stockings, I'll send him two. That way he can wear them around the house. They do fit. I tried one on this morning.

It's been a very different Christmas for us. Different but fun. Let me start by going back to last night. For dinner, we had tamales. Eating tamales is a Christmas tradition here (kinda like eating turkey on Thanksgiving or hot dogs on the 4th of July in the U.S.). The other day, we visited Roxana and Miriam - our host family for the month we were at language school. Roxana gave us a couple tamales, so we could share in the tradition. We brought them home and warmed them up last night.

Today, we started by exchanging our stockings. Here's what they looked like all filled up:
Highlights from my stocking:
- a toothbrush
- a book (Del amor y otros demonios - Gabriel Garcia Marquez)
- M&Ms
- a hat

Highlights from Robin's stocking
- shoes
- gummy candy
- an optical computer mouse (how romantic)
- chocolate

Then, we used the world wide interweb and webcams to watch Jeremiah open presents at his house. We also made a few other phone calls to family.

This afternoon, we went over to the school to have a Christmas lunch with the Befus family. Matt and Lisa Befus are the directors of the school and live on the property. They have four girls. Matt's mom lives in an apartment below their house. Lisa's parents are visiting Costa Rica now, so they were there. Matt's brother Chuck, his wife Joy and their 9 kids also live on the property and were there too. It turned out to be a big group.

We got home in time to watch the Eagles/Cowboys game. For those of you who don't know, Robin is a big Philadelphia Eagles fan. As it turns out, she's also a pretty good sports comentater. This was the scene bfore the game as we watched the pregame show:

Bob Costas: So, lets hear your picks for the game.
Chris Collinsworth: I say Dallas.
Jerome Bettis: I'm also going with the Cowboys, since they're playing at home.
Sterling Sharp: Yeah I agree. Dallas is the stronger team, and they will win.
Some other random guy who was regarded as an "expert": Definately. Its an easy win for the Cowboys.
Robin: You guys don't know *$%#@ ! Eagles will win. (ok . . . thats a bit of a paraphrase)

Final score: Eagles 23 Cowboys 7

All in all, its been an exciting Christmas, but we do miss spending it with friends and family. I hope you all have had a blessed Christmas as well.

Feliz Navidad!