home at last

We got back from the beach today, and for the first time, this apartment is home. Its good to be home. And after a few months of chaos, its good to have a home to come home to. You follow? Its definitely a sign that we’re starting to settle in here.

Thanks to a few different stops, the ride home today was quite long but fun. First, I think I should back up and explain this whole beach trip from the beginning.

The school year is now over and will not resume until early February. January will be very busy for us, as we will be teaching an intro English course to new students and helping out with mission teams that come down to work. So, December is a great time for traveling and getting to know Costa Rica a bit. We weren’t sure if we would try to take any trips. But a couple weeks ago, a family from the school (The Villalobos family) told us about a Hotel that was offering a special in Guanacaste and offered to give us a ride. Guanacaste is in Northwest Costa Rica, on the Pacific coast. It took about 6 hours to get to our hotel. Our friend Kristin also came along, and another family from the school followed us there. So, we ended up with a pretty big group. It was nice to be with people who knew the area, and it was very inexpensive.

The hotel we stayed at was nice, but it was in a pretty remote area. The last 13 km of the trip were on a rough dirt road. Other than the hotel, there wasn’t much around. The beach was almost always deserted. It was on a bay, so there wasn’t much surf, but it was very pretty. There was a nice pool. The water was pretty cold, but it was nice on the hot days. We also drove to a nearby beach that was even more secluded. It had more waves,, and the water was very clear. The sand was amazingly clean. One day, we went to a national park and a historic battlefield. It was interesting. And, there were giant iguanas (or maybe they were small dinosaurs) running around.

And . . . due to some sort of mix-up, we ended up with a smaller room than we had reserved. That sounds like bad news, but it really turned out to be great news. As compensation, we got all-inclusive meal packages. Free breakfast, lunch and dinner and all the drinks we could handle.

I'm too tired to go into much more detail. I uploaded pictures to winkflash. After I did, Robin reminded me that winkflash isn't really all that good to use, but oh well. After you click on the link, you'll need to sign in. If you don't already have a winkflash id, you can create one. If that seems like too much work, then you must not care enough. Come on! We'd do it for you. Also, I didn't bother taking the time to go through and pick out which photos were best, so I loaded them all. Enjoy!

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