Sometimes, its the little things that catch my attention. For instance, I always love the moment when we use the last trash bag, and we have to throw the trash bag box away in one of the trash bags. I think there's something beautiful and poetic about that. Although sometimes I fear it will make the universe explode . . . kinda like when Marty McFly from the past sees Marty McFly from the future. Thats heavy.

Anyway, I've noticed something interesting lately. The few American TV channels that we get here come out of Denver. In the few weeks that we've had tv (and those Denver stations), a lot of big things have happened in Denver.

1. Jay Cutler replaced Jake Plummer as the Broncos' starting quarterback (it really was a big national sports story)
2. There was a giant NBA brawl between the New York Knicks and the Nuggets from . . . Denver.
3. Allen Iverson got traded to Denver.
4. Today, there is a crazy blizzard in . . . Denver.

I realize that most of those are sports events, but they're still a big deal. I also realize that most people would barely notice this coincedence. And of the few people who noticed, only a couple would care. And of those couple who do care, only one would care enought to actually write about it in a blog. But like I said, its the little things . . .

Here's another interesting thing. But this time when I say "interesting", I mean grrrrrrrrr!! Tonight's Cavs game was supposed to be on ESPN. I was excited. It was going to be my first chance to see the Cavs play this year. So, I flipped on ESPN and what did I find? Soccer. I should have guessed. Its definately not the first time.

One more thing

Like the trash bag/box experience, this may boggle your mind. Here's a picture of us with our new nephew.
Ah, the power of technology.