a day full of fun

I promised a big announcement, and here it is: We are now the proud owners of a 1988 Toyota Corolla . . . two door . . . hatchback.

Some interesting facts about the car:

1. It was about as cheap as we could find - Cars here are crazy expensive. We weren't even sure we wanted to get one. We figured we'd take the bus for awhile and see if anything jumped out at us. This little guy did. We bought it from a missionary from California who was buying a new car. Its not pretty (which is a theft deterent) but it seems like a solid car, and we bought it from someone we can trust.

2. This is not the worst car I've ever owned - In fact, its near the top of the list. Does anyone remember the Pontiac 6000? or the multi-colored Honda? or the Chevy Pickup with cattle bars? (before Brad fixed it all up . . . then wrecked it)

3. The car is unstealable - I realize that me saying this means that it will probably get stolen, but it would be very difficult. As I mentioned, its pretty ugly, which means not many thieves would go through the trouble to try to steal it. Plus, it has an insainly complex alarm system. I don't even understand it. I'm sure I'll set it off many times and not know how to stop it. The guy who sold it to us was just explaining me the alarms for the second time. This is what I heard:

Push both buttons with one hand. Then, press the black button. When its off, push the gray button to turn it off off. Make sure the windows aren't open. Something about a secret button. The secondary alarm will go off in 30 seconds unless you push the black button with your right pinky finger and lick the gray button. The car will stall if you don't push the secret button. I used to have a pony. If someone walks near the car, they will hear a series of beeps. One beep means go. Two beeps means stop. If you hear three beeps, push the black button first and then the gray button and find a windowless room on the lowest level of the house. Never push the red button. When you start the car, make sure you aren't touching the secret button.

Needless to say, I'll have to learn how to use it from experience.

4. It will make grocery getting, church going, getting to Los Guizaros and other random activities much easier.

Other stuff from today:

Mark and Adrienne Parcher, who have been very helpful to us as we've made the transition here, are leaving tomorrow morning. They are staying with us tonight and going to the airport tomorrow moring. We are sad to see them go. We've spent much of this afternoon moving the last of the things we bought from them into our place. Its mostly kitchen stuff, a desk/table, office chair, ironing board . . .etc.

I almost killed a fellow teacher today. Today was like a picnic day for teachers at the school. We were playing kickball out on the soccer field . . . with a soccer ball. My first few times up were pretty disappointing. I started off with a bloop single to right field. Who gets a bloop single in kickball? I followed that with a weak fly out and a grounder. Then, in the top of the fourth, I decided to go for it all. The pitcher (a female elementary teacher who was standing way too close) rolled me a perfect pitch. Have you ever seen Meet the Parents? Do you remember the part where the one dude hits a volleyball into some chick's nose and everything happens in slow motion. The next few moments were exactly like that. I kicked the ball (remember, its a soccer ball) hard . . . a line drive right up the middle. It would have probably rolled all the way to the other end of the field had its path not been interrupted by the pitcher. Luckily, it hit her in the arm and not the face. She screamed a bit at first but then brushed it off and kept playing. I felt pretty bad . . . as I hustled to first base. My next few times up, I kinda tapped the ball as far away from the pitcher as I could.

We also did a Christmas gift exchange and had a pool party/lunch.