Captain Cheap-o strikes again

Robin and I decided that for Christmas this year we would just fill stockings for each other. Yesterday, we went to a Hiper Mas (kinda like Wal-Mart) to buy some things. It made us feel like home, because the place was packed (or "deep lace wasp act" in MadGabeese). We split up and got our shop on. We were worried that we may see each other as we shopped, but the hordes of people made that not a problem. The only thing that we were not able to find was actual stockings. Well, today I had to go to a nearby mall to meet our friend to get our camera back. While I was waiting, I went into a store and found these:

Perfect! Not only was I able to find cheap stockings (about 50 cents each), but they are just dripping with awesome-ness. There's a snow man with a magic wand, a Dorito and a . . . I'm not sure exactly what that is. Is it a guitar? Is it a Reindeer? Is it a potato with an antenae? I know one thing for sure . . . its got Christmas spirit. I actually saw some other ones in a nicer store, but they were like $7 each. Why would I pay $7 for a stocking that doesn't have Doritos on it? duh! If Robin asks though, these were the only ones I saw. I didn't mention anything about the nicer ones to her.

Here are some pictures from the party the other night at los Guizaros. As I mentioned in the last post, there are none of the underwear.

This is the group exchanging gifts

This is Rebecca, Cindy, Robin and Estefani. These three girls are Costa Ricans from a local church who teach Bible lessons to the kids. They're a lot of fun.

A bit of trivia

I'll leave you with this. The first one to answer will receive his/her very own Costa Rican stocking.

The name of the town where we live is "Belen". Belen actually has an English equivalent. What is it?

Here's a hint:

Pero tú, Belén Efrata, aunque eres pequeña entre las familias de Judá, de ti me saldrá el que ha de ser gobernante en Israel. Y sus orígenes son desde tiempos antiguos, desde los días de la eternidad.

Check back soon for the answer.