best of 2006

Mostly for lack of anything else interesting to post about, I've decided to share some of my favorites from this year. You'll notice that some of the winners (movies, music, tv shows . . . etc.) really aren't from 2006. Thats ok. This is a list of best of 2006 for me, and sometimes I can be a bit behind the times. Here we go:

Best movie of 2006
I honestly can't remember that many movies that I watched this year, but I guess I should pick one. And the winner is . . .

Anchorman - The funny thing is that I haven't even seen this entire movie. Its been on tv here a couple times, and I've caught parts of it but not all. I had heard people talking baout this movie for a couple years now, but it never seemed that interesting to me. It's actually pretty darn funny.

Honorable mention goes to . . .

Wimbledon - This one may just be making the list because I saw it recently, and I can't remember anything else good from this year. But, I did enjoy it. It uses a few sports movie cliches (underdog comebacks, music montages), but its tennis, so it seems original. I was also impressed by how real they made it look. Making actors look like pro tennis players can't be easy.

Are there any better movies that I'm forgetting?

Worst movie of 2006

Munich - As I discussed in a previous blog, it was interesting but way too violent.

Pride and Prejudice - I really didn't mind this movie, but putting it on this list makes me feel a little less guilty about watching it and a little more manly.

Best tv show of 2006
As with movies, I don't watch much tv. And the winner is . . .

Friends - Yes, I'm serious. I know it went off the air like four years ago, but I never really watched it much when it was on. Robin liked it, and for Christmas last year, I bought her the entire series on dvd (well, on like 30 dvds). I found it online from China, and it was way cheaper than actually buying all 10 seasons. We ended up watching them all over the course of the year. Sometimes it was hard to decipher the differance between reality and friends.

Honorable mention . . .

Jeopardy - I could beat any of those slobs. Of course, I never subtract points for incorrect answers.

Scrubs - Dum dee dee dumm dee dee dum dum Shiny Scalple!

The office - I've probably only seen four episodes in my life, but it seems funny.

Late night with Conan O'Brien - Hilarious, but I'm rarely up late enough to watch it.

Notice how all those shows are on NBC? That was the only channel we could get to come in at the duplex.

Best Commercial of 2006
My lack of tv watching leads to a lack of good commercial knowing. I can't tell you how many conversations have been ended after someone asks, "Have you seen that one commercial where . . . ", and I have to say no. Regardless, here are my picks. And the winner is . . .

Dunkin Donuts: Get your eight year old out of a tree - I find it disturbing how many people have never seen this commercial. I rolled on the floor in laughter the first time I saw it. I really can't explain it well. Basically, a bunch of people are singing for some lady to get her eight year old kid out of a tree. Because she drank her Dunkin Donuts coffee, she is able to. Like I said, hard to explain.

Honorable mention . . .

Sprint: Cell phone with theft deterrent - Go ahead, try to steal my phone

Best new cd of 2006
Unlike movies and tv, I do spend quite a bit of time listening to music. And the winner is . . .

Steven Delopoulos: Me died blue - This cd was released in 2003, but I didn't discover it until this year. Start to finish awesome.

Honorable mention . . .

Eric Peters: Radiate
Randall Goodgame: War and peace
Josh Ritter: The animal years
Arthur Alligood: Under the gray
Pierce Pettis: State of grace
Andy Gullahorn: Room to breathe
Andrew Osenga: The morning
Justin McRoberts: Grace must wound
Derek Webb: She must and shall go free
Nickel Creek: Why should the fire die
Richard Shindell: Somewhere near Patterson
Dave Potts: One night in the south
Greg Adkins - Lower than the angels

Best Song of 2006

Love that will not let me go (Jeremy Casella) - I don't own any of Jeremy Casella's cds (at least not yet) but I really like this song.

Honorable Mention . . .

Monster Ballads (Josh Ritter)
Wedding Dress (Derek Webb)
Doubting Thomas (Nickel Creek)
Burning Bushes (Andy Gullahorn)

Best Pizza of 2006

Pizza Brasilena from Pizza Manu in Belen - Consider yourselves unfortunate for not being able to share in the goodness. Thanks to Mark and Adrienne Parcher for introducing us.

Best video of 2006

Can something be terrible and awesome all at the same time?

and . . .

"How bout we fill a pop tart with nasty meat?"

Have a blessed New Year!

oh yeah . . . and someone please call us tonight right after midnight, so I can be talking to someone from a year in the future (we're an hour behind here). Thats one of those little things that will blow my mind.