back to work

Now that the hubbub of Christmas is finally over, Robin and I can get back to our true passion: renovating libraries. We've spent the last two days hauling books, moving shelves and tearing down walls. How about some before and after pictures?

You may remember these. This is robin packing books in the student section on one of our first days in the library:

These pictures were taken from pretty much the same place today:

Wait a minute! Didn't there used to be a wall there? Where did that go?
Here it is in the hallway.
We tore it down yesterday. There was a room that served as the students' library and one that served as a teachers' library/resource room. Now its one big, happy library. And what about all the books? Where did they go?

They're chillin' in the science lab.
As J$ used to say, we are "aaalllll dunny" moving books out of the library. It was a tough job, but someone had to do it. That reminds me of a story. Its not at all related, but its funny . . . at least I think so.
So as to not embarass anyone, I'm going to use fake names, but I assure you that this conversation really did take place. One night, I had some friends over to my place to hang out. Antonio Lobo was there, but his girlfriend, Jane Anillo, had to work and was not with him. The following conversation took place between Antonio and another tall fella named Eli Applesauce:
Eli: Hey Antonio. How's it going?
Antonio: Not bad Eli. And you?
Eli: I'm doing okay. Hey, why is your girfriend Jane not with you?
Antonio: Unfortunately, she had to work tonight.
Eli: Thats stinks. Where does she work?
Antonio: She sells sausage and cheese at one of those stands in the mall.
Eli (shrugs his large shoulders): Well, somebody has to.
We all laughed for a good half hour. I still laugh when I think about it. In fact, sometimes when I need to smile for a picture, I think of Eli saying, "Well, somebody has to". It was a great example of someone not knowing what to say next but not wanting to kill a conversation. Again, this is one of those things that may not be that funny to most people, but it always makes me laugh.
Our next tasks are translating a student handbook and planning our intro English course, which begins soon. I think the work teams come down next week to begin construction on the library. I'm sure we'll be helping with that as well.