That would be located in the card catalog

We have moved on to our next task at the school: the library. There is a work team coming down here in January to remodel the library and make it much bigger. Right now, it's pretty much a dungeon. Its dark, damp and moldy. In order for them to be able to work, we need to get all the books packed up into boxes. That sounds easy enough, but the trick is, they need to be packed in a way that they can be easily unpacked and re-stocked. So, Lisa took us down there yesterday to get us started on that task. There is a computer in the library that is used to catalog all the books. Lisa told us that someone from a previous mission team had entered all the books into the computer. There were also some newer books that we needed to enter. Well, Lisa left and we started up the computer. It turns out that the someone who "entered all the books" into the computer really just entered children's books up to "B". As you can imagine, that is a very small percentage of the library. So now, our task is to catalog all the books in the computer and then pack them up. Robin thinks I've always been right on the border of being crazy. The next few days may push me over the edge.

A bunch of people have asked about an address for us here to send things. We will soon be getting a P.O. box. As soon as we do, we'll let you know.

Since I don't have much else today, here are the last few songs I've uploaded:

unnoticed - I used this to test out the web cam

we could not believe our eyes - my first ever attempt at a Christmas song. Christmas songs are very hard, because there are so many of them, and its hard to be original.

brother - I tried to get fancy with this . . . I think I failed miserably.

then i'll believe

pescado y papas (instrumental) - I know. only people who are any good at playing instruments should write instrumental songs, but I don't care.