It sure doesn't seem like it. If it weren't for the special Thanksgiving lunch at the school today, we probably wouldn't have known. The weather is definately not Thanksgivingish, and they don't really celebrate turkey day here. Its not that Costa Ricans aren't thankful; its just that the pilgrams haven't landed here yet. Based on our experiences so far, we think they should be arriving within the next few years (If they can get help from a resident.) I bet I know what you're wondering now. If they don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Costa Rica, why did you have a Thanksgiving lunch at the school today? Good question. Well, there are a few of us Americans here (including the administrative directors of the school) who just couldn't get by without a turkey dinner. And, the rest rest of the staff at the school (all Costa Ricans) didn't seem to object to a day off of teaching and a free meal . . . even if the rice and beans had been replaced with some weird substance that the gringos referred to as "stuffing". Dude, what is that stuff? Its like oozing out of the turkey. Personally, I'm with the ticos on that one . . . not a big stuffing fan . . . its like soggy bread . . . who likes soggy bread? I should move on now.

I am thankful for . . .
So, in order to make today feel more like Thanksgiving, here's a list of a few of the things I'm thankful for today. As usual, I'm not going to state the obvious (my wife, family, friends, food, shelter, Gilmore Girls and NASCAR)

1. Answered prayer - everyday. amazing.

2. You - the people who support us financially and with prayer. We know that you pray for us faithfully and that you make financial sacrifices for us to be here. We never lose sight of that. We really feel that you are partners in our ministry here. Without you, we wouldn't be here. Thank you!

3. Robin's apple bars - she made them for the lunch today. They are spectarvolous. They rival those of the great Lynn Lashley. We have some left over. They won't last long.

4. The view from our bedroom window - and this isn't really a good picture.

5. Internet at home - yes. Finally, after weeks of hassles, we have internet here at the apartment, which means I can post more often (sorry), and we can post more pictures. For example, here's a picture of our apartment building (the green one). I took this picture awhile ago but haven't really had a chance to post it . . . until now.

6. This day - its beautiful. It hasn't rained in the last few days. Its clear, cool and very pleasant.

7. Skype - which has allowed us to talk on the "phone" to our families and use webcams. We got to see and hear Jeremiah count to 12 and tell us his joke. Want to hear it? Ready? Here it is . . .

Dodger eats waffles.

Isn't that hilarious? He's destined to be a stand-up comedian.