let the music play . . . worries for another day

Its time for another post full of random nonsense to catch yáll up on whats been going on over the last few days. Warning: If you have anything else you could be doing right now, you may want to do that.

- We finished interviewing kids from all the English classes at the school (well, all from 6th grade up). There were a few kids who were absent on the days we interviewed certain classes. We may try to catch them later. Plus, there will be more placement interviews for new students coming in.

- We bought a Christmas tree. Its artificial. Its pretty sad, but it´ll do. Most of the trees here are pretty expensive. They have some fancy ones at Pricesmart that spin (just like they do in the forest??). We didn´t need anything like that. We wanted to buy this little three foot tall tree for $6, but they were out. We had to get one that was slightly bigger but still cheap.

- Mark and Adrienne gave us some more of the things that we bought from them. I thought it was funny that their toaster comes with an instruction book. And, its a few pages long. I haven´t read it yet, but I´m really curious about what could be in it. Its gotta be:

Put bread in the slot and push the lever down

in like fifteen different languages. We also got their tv (but we don´t have cable) and their coffee grinder (we don´t drink much coffee).

- There was a giant grasshopper in our bathroom on Saturday morning. He freaked me out at first. But then I realized that he was just a grasshopper, and I wasn´t scared (why is it that?). I think he got in from the open area at the top of the bathroom. But, I think he must have fallen pretty hard, because he seemed a bit out of it. I caught him in a small trash can and put him outside. When we left a few hours later, he was still there.

- I´ve had the theme song from Fraggle Rock stuck in my head for the last couple days. When you think about it, the fraggles were weird . . . strange creatures who live underground?? Sounds like great television . . . for kids.

- I got a haircut. Robin did it. It was pretty cheap.

- It was a good weekend for football. Ohio state beat Michigan, and the Browns beat the Steelers. (I realize that the second part of that is probably not true, but they were winning when I had to leave the computer yesterday. I think I saw an update on a tv at a store that said the Steelers actually won. I haven´t checked to make sure. I´m just going to keep on believing that the Browns won. I also believe that they have pretty much clinched home field advantage for the playoffs. Its pretty cool that the Browns and the Indians both made the playoffs in the same year . . . Sometimes its good to be in a foreign land and a bit disconnected from reality. )

- Our most recent project at home is trying to make screens for the windows. I wouldn´t care too much about screens, but Robin has been getting really bad mosquito bites at night. We bought a big role of screen material and some wire to try to make forms for the windows. It seems like its going to work but take a long time. Screens are very uncommon in this country. Lisa Befus told us that the locals say that if you have screens, the bugs can´t get out.

- This morning, I was looking all over for our house key. Then, I remembered that Robin had used it to open the door when we came home last night. I also remembered one of her bad habits, which led me to open the front door. Sure enough, there was the key . . . hanging in the door as it had all night. No biggee. Its not like there´s much of a problem with robberies in this country. Good thing there is a guard at our building. Tonight, I´m thinking about putting out a sign along with the key that reads:

Querido ladrón,
Bienvenido a la casa de Bryan y Robin. Abra la puerta y pase adelante. Hay dinero debajo de los platos en la cocina. La computadora está arriba. Tenemos una cámera digital. Está en el closet de la oficina. Si ocupa algo mas, no tenga pena. Despiértenos. Cualquier cosa. Estamos para servirlo. Buenas noches.

- I had planned to spend most of the day making fun of Robin for the key incident until we got to school, and I lockedthe keys in the car. We had borrowed the Explorer from the school for the last couple days to pick up some things. Oops. The good thing was that we were at the school, and they had another key. Needless to say, I have stopped making fun of Robin.