Is it really almost Christmas?

Last night before bed, I had the ipod on shuffle. I heard this song:

Little Elba how´s the sun in South America? (We´re actually in Central America but close enough)
Does it shine upon the faces of the poor?
Do they see in it the brillance of the place that´s been prepared
and dwell upon the hope of what´s in store?

Or are they just like me?
Do they only see an opportunity
to complain about the heat?

Little Elba how´s the rain in South America?
Does it fall upon the rooftops of the sick?
Do they thank the Lord for coming up with such a great idea
and dwell upon a place beyond all this?

Or are they just like us?
Do they whine and fuss
about the rain and mud
when they´ve had too much?

I guess I´m just a little jealous
of the freedom that you have
You´re unfettered by the wealth of
a world we pretend is gonna last

They say God blessed us with plenty
I say you´re blessed with poverty
For you never stop to wonder
whether earth is just a little better than the land of the free.

With my last post, I wasn´t really ¨complaining¨about the weather, but I thought it was interesting that the ipod would decide to play this song last night. That ipod is so clever. Speaking of Andrew Peterson . . . Its getting to be Christmas time, which can only mean one thing: (well, it means a lot of things but . . . ) we can start listening to the best Christmas cd ever:

Actually for Robin and me, Christmas just means we can listen to the cd without feeling odd. We find ourselves listening to it throughout the year. If you´ve never heard Andrew´s Behold the Lamb of God cd, you can go here and listen to it for free. I must say though that to really enjoy the cd, you need to sit down and listen to it all straight through. The cd tells the story of Christmas, but at the beginning, you may not realize that it is a Christmas cd. It actually tells the story of much of the Bible. It goes beyong telling the what, where and how of Christmas and explains the why of Christmas.

Also, if you don´t have plans on December 12th, you need to go to Westerville, OH (for those of you who live in OH) and see the cd performed in concert. Robin and I went to Pittsburgh to see it last year, and it was flat out awesome . . . one of the best concerts we´ve ever seen. Its not just the Christmas cd. The first half of the concert is an ¨in the round¨ part in which other songwriters who perform the Christmas songs perform some of their own songs. They were also some of our favorites (Andy Gullahorn, Jill Phillips, Derek Webb, Sandra McCracken, Andrew Osenga - sometimes Randall Goodgame, Phil Keaggy and Pierce Pettis and I heard that Eric Peters will also be there this year). If we weren´t in Botswana this Christmas, we would be there. So, one of you needs to go and tell us what its was like.

More info here - Andrew Peterson

Enough about Christmas. Its Saturday here. We just got done doing some more interviews at the school. It was neat to meet some of the students who will be at the school next January. We stopped at a fruit stand and picked up a pineapple and some pears. As I´ve mentioned before, pineapple is super cheap, but the pears were a little more expensive than we expected. As Robin put it-

A"pear" antly, the pears are more expensive . . . hehe. She´s such a jokester.