in case you were wondering what we did today

October 31, 2006 . . . here's how it went down:

7:30 - I awake to the buzzing of power saws thanks to construction workers at a nearby house. I am a bit confused as to what they are sawing. There are really only three building materials used here in Costa Rica: cement, cement blocks and morter.

7:35 - Breakfast. A cinnamon roll and some pineapple. Mmmm . . . pineapple! They're like a dollar a piece here, and they are spectabulous. They almost make up for the fact that I have to spend four dollars for a small stick of deodarant.

7:45 - The best shower I've had in over a month. Hot and with pressure. I don't want to leave. Maybe I'll just have lunch in here.

8:00 - shaving (nothing really interesting I can say about shaving)

8:15 - Fooling around with the guitar while I wait for Robin to get ready.

8:45 - Robin tells me she will be ready in a few minutes.

9:15 - She's almost ready

9:30 - We leave the house. First stop is a nearby convenience store. I only have 10 G's in my pocket, and we neeed to break it in order to pay for a taxi. (10 G's = 10,000 colones = about $20. I like to talk in terms of G's to feel cool. That's how I roll) We buy some drinks and gum.

10:00 - We take a taxi to our landlord's office. He is, of course, late arriving but not too bad. We get our keys and our copy of the contract.

10:30 - The landlord takes us to his own house to show us some furniture he is selling. We don't like it. He isn't offended. He doesn't like it either. That's why he's selling it.

10:45 - The landlord (I guess its about time to give his name: Roberto) drops us off in town at a furniture store. We spend the next hour or so looking at furniture in a few stores, especially beds. We don't buy a bed, but we come up with a couple options. The plan is to do some more thinking and decide tomorrow.

11:45 - We walk to our apartment. We spend some time getting to know the place a little better and trying to decide what to do with each room. There are three small bedrooms . . . our room, an office and a guest room for when you come to visit. One room is slightly bigger (90 square tiles as opposed to 88). It also has a nice view of the mountains. It shall be the bedroom.

12:15 - With the help of our toothless, slurred-spanish-speaking guard friend, we move the stove and fridge from the other apartment where they were stored into ours. They look good, but I notice one problem: The plug for the stove doesn't actually have a plug on the end. Its just three wires. It shouldn't be too hard to go buy one; I just need to find the Spanish word for "big ol' three pronged stove plug". I think its "biblioteca".

1:00 - We take a taxi back to the Parcher's house and have lunch.

2:20 - Mark and Adrienne come home. They actually had to work today. They didn't have a relaxing day like we did.

2:40 - Mark has to return a video. I ride along with him.

2:47 - We come out from the video store and realize that the keys are locked in Mark's car. We walk home, get the other set and walk back. We get rained on, but not too bad.

4:00 - We pack up some things that Mark and Adrienne are selling to us. We're going to take them to the apartment tomorrow.

5:30 - I ride along with Mark to pick up pizza and a movie (Yes, back to the same video store).

6:30 - Mmmmm . . . pizza! We also start watching the movie. We rented Munich. I was worried it might be kinda grim and violent, but its actually pretty grim and violent. It was good and interesting because its based on true events, but it was just too much killing and very long. The main characters were trying to kill 11 different people. They got up to 6 before we all got tired and went to bed.

10:00 - Another great shower.

Now - Bedtime.

Tomorrow will actually be busier for us. Hopefully by the end of it, we will be moved into our own place with a bed, some food and a working stove.

I'll leave you with this:

Time flies like an arrow, but fruit flies like a banana