Holla Back

I hoped that today I would be writing my first post from our internet equiped home. But instead, I'm back at the dark, dim, hot, internet cafe typing on a computer from 1987 with slow internet and a funky keyboard. I think this thing has a slot for those old floppy disks that were actually floppy. I had to boot it up from DOS. (I bet Jason Hall could make better jokes . . . thats all I got. Let's just say its old.) We learn new things every day here in Costa Rica. Here's a few of the things I learned today:

1. We can't get Cable Tica at our apartment - This information would have been quite valuable a few weeks ago. There are a few cable companies here, and Cable Tica seemed like the cheapest, so we called them to sign up. They sent a guy to our place to sign a contract. He came; we signed; I paid; he left; I thought we were headed in the right direction. Today, another guy came to install the cable. After about a half hour, he discovered that Cable Tica isn't available at our place. But, but, but . . . the other guy said we could! We can't. Well, we could, but they would have to run it here from the main road, which would take at least a month. The installation guy pretty much told us to go with a different company. I called Cable Tica's office, and they said they would refund me. There is another company we can go with, but we have to go through the whole process again. Obviously in the grand scheme of things, an extra week or so of waiting for internet at home isn't a big deal. We'll just have to make a few more visits to this cafe. (Yes Kurt . . . I know. You can't get internet at your place either)

2. The kid who is running this joint isn't a Gwen Steffani fan.- He was just changing radio stations, and I heard Holla Back Girl. He skipped right past it. Can you believe it?

3. It costs about 300 colones to get on a bus and then get back off. - We were taking a bus home today from a nearby city, and we got on a bus that we figured was headed to San Antonio de Belen (where we live). We got on, and I gave the driver 420 colones and said we were headed for San Antonio. He gave me something like 120 colones in change, and Robin and I moved towards the back. Then, he said, "Hey Buddy, this bus isn't going to San Antonio but the next one is." Robin and I got off the bus a little confused. We thought about trying to tell the next bus driver that we had already paid, but we didn't figure he'd go for that.

4. The trash cans in Costa Rica are made of gold - They must be. We were looking for a trash can that we could set outside to hold our trash and keep bugs away until pickup day. We looked at some at a store today. A medium sized plastic trash can with a lid was like $60. Re-freakin-diculous.

5. East Canton's first attempt at a levy for the new building failed by 14 votes - Krystal just gave us an election day update in her last email. For those who don't know, East Canton is where I was teaching before we came here and where I will teach when we return. 14 votes seems like a small margin, but basically it means that 3/4 of the town is opposed to the levy (Its a rather small town). Hopefully, it will pass next time. The future plans for the school are pretty exciting.

6. The gambling and casino issue in Ohio also failed - Ah nuts! If that doesn't pass in the next two years, we're not coming back.

7. Our Sunday School class from home is having a Christmas party at Texas Roadhouse on December 10th. - That may be a hard day for us here. We'll probably just sit around and dream about what we would have ordered while we eat our rice and beans.

One last thing . . . I was realizing something the other day. My blog comes up funny on these computers in the cafe. Does it come up funny for you? Does it not all fit on the page? When I had to switch templates awhile back, I did it on our laptop, which has a wider screen. It loads nice on there. Now, I'm afraid it doesn't adjust to fit smaller screens. I think there's a way to fix it, but I'm not sure how (Jen?). How does it look to you?