haves and have nots

It would take me about three hours to thouroughly tell you about the last few days. So instead, I'm just going to give you a list of what we now have and what we don't have yet.

What we got

1. a fridge - not full size but nice and rather new
2. a stove - again, small but nice
3. a kitchen table
4. a washer and dryer
5. a bed
7. a couch and two chairs for the living room
8. some curtains - It feels like we've spent about three days working on getting curtains. Someday when I have more time, I'll tell you all what happened when we tried to return some ugly ones.
9. microwave popcorn
10. clean floors - our place had been unoccupied for about a year, so it was mighty dusty. The guard at our place introduced us to a lady who came and cleaned it. Its much better now. We found out that the floors really aren't black.
11. a Ford Explorer - Its not ours, but we've been borrowing it from the school. Its really helped us with all our running around. It was also fun to strap a bed and mattress to the top of it.
12. Spagetti - lots of it. We got a membership to Pricemart (like Sam's Club). So, we bought big quantities of a lot of things.
13. Video store membership - We rented a movie last night and watched it on the computer. We got a membership at a local place. I figured it would be free . . . .as most places are here. Wrong! It was like $6! We rented Failure to Launch. A few minutes into it, I realized that we had already seen it. But last time we saw it, it was called How to lose a guy in 10 days. And, I think we saw it one other time and it was called She's all that.

I'm not going to see your romantic comedy
Movie screen endings never work out for me
Every time we kiss, there won't be a symphony
It makes me jealous and it makes me scared
We'll never feel like those people up there
A perfect love story that makes everyone cry
I think it might be a lie
- Greg Adkins

14. garden - they installed a nice garden in our patio area
15. a shower caddy - This isn't that big a deal, but I laughed when Robin bought it. "Shower Caddy" makes me think of a guy standing in the shower with you handing you what you need.

- Hmm . . . My arm is dirty. I think I need shampoo.
- No . . . why don't you try soap and a washcloth
- Dude, I'm glad you're here. Hand me the soap

16. (probably the most important on this list) a plan - As some of you know, the Costa Rican school year ends in December, so its almost over. We will begin full-time teaching in January, but we weren't sure what we would be doing for the next few months. Friday morning, we met with Lisa Befus and talked about what we can do for the next few months. We will be helping with exit and entrance tests/interviews, observing and helping in classes and planning for next year. We should be plenty busy. We start tomorrow.

What we don't got

1. a microwave - see #9 above
2. a dryer vent /tube/ exhaust/hose - I don't think they have them in this country. We've looked everywhere. We've been running our dryer without it and just letting it blow out. Is that dangerous? We do open a nearby door.
3. anything for our guest room - its empty, but we'll get something for you to sleep on when you come visit.
4. desk - I don't think we're going to buy a desk for our office. Everything here is so expensive, and we can just borrow a table from the school. Its especially hard because, at home, we had a nice desk that we bought for $32. Here, that would buy us like one leg of a broken desk.
5. a tv - we bought one, but we won't have it until the Parchers leave in December. Its not a big deal; we don't watch much tv anyway.
6. cable/internet - we have called the cable company. They said they will call when they think they can install it. We haven'y heard anything yet.
7. a phone - there is no phone line installed at our place. Our neighbor got one installed awhile ago. He said it took 6 months. They say thats way better than it used to be. It used to take 10 years. We're thinking we'll just get a cell phone, but we probably won't get good reception at our place. Plus, you have to be a resident to get a cell phone line. We'll need help from a friend. Also, the lack of a phone has made the cable getting process quite interesting.
8. tools - I actually have a few things now, but I didn't earlier. I fixed our stove and dryer with a butter knife.

I have to stop, so I can let Robin use the computer some. I uploaded some pictures of our place, and I'm going to try to post a link here.