Go Bucks!

Its pretty much impossible to be doing what I would love to be doing right now: watching Real Madrid vs. Barcelona . . . I mean La Liga vs. Saprissa . . . I mean DC United vs. The Columbus Crew (the only two MLS teams I could think of). Of course, I´m kidding. If I wanted to see any of those thrilling soccer matches (or even some boring beach soccer), I could find it anywhere here. But can I find a place to watch OSU / UM? No way! Its especially hard, since we don´t have a tv. So, what am I doing? I´m sitting at an internet cafe and listening to 1460 AM online. But, because I haven´t paid the extra fee, I can´t listen to the actual game. I´m listening to some guys talk about watching the game. They kinda give updates when something exciting happens, but other than that, they´re just rambling about sports stuff. (If you know me, you know I can´t stand sports over-analysis.) They just did a phone interview with Chris Speilman, who is sitting at the Logan airport and watching the game on a bar tv. Sweet! It was just like being at the horseshoe!

Let me talk about something else. Maybe that will make me feel better. This morning, we went to a small town called Los Guisaros to help at a mission there. Its a very poor area. There´s an awesome Tica woman there who provides food for children in the neighborhood. She feeds them six days a week. On Saturdays, they also do a little service. I took my guitar and helped lead some songs. Afterwards, they split the older and younger kids and did some Sunday-School type lessons. Then, we helped serve lunch. It was a neat experience. Mark and Adrienne have been going there almost every saturday all year. They will soon be leaving, so we will probably try to go there as often as we can to help out.