a few more tidbits

We´re at a different internet cafe today (I bet these guys appreciate good music). On these computers, the blog seems to load fine. So, I guess its ok.

We had yet another transportation "experience" yesterday. We went to the grocery store. Afterwards, we were carrying a few things, so we took a taxi home. The main road that goes to our neighborhood is one way. The taxi driver drove past the entrance to our road. Instead of going around the block (which is pretty big), he decided to back down the one way street a bit, turn around and then head against traffic to our road. That sound exciting enough, but there´s more. You see, right before the entrance to our road is a big curve in the main road, around which fly many cars, trucks, motorcycles . . . etc. So, the guy had to pretty much guess that no one was coming and "gun it". Here´s a small diagram. Since all the taxis here are red, I shall use red to represent the death mobil that we were in.

Also, I´ve come to discover that someone else used to have our cell phone number before we did, and that someone was named James. How do I know this? I´ve received about 10 calls for James since we got the phone. Ooh . . . there´s another one. 11. The funny thing is that everyone who calls looking for james is a Spanish-speaker, so I´m guessing that James is a Costa Rican. As you probably know, James is not a typical Spanish name. Interesting. From now on, I think I´m going to just pretend to be James. It could be fun.

Well, drawing that diagram took awhile, so I´m pretty much out of time here. More later.