contact info

Many of you probably already received this info in an email, but I thought I'd post it here too.

We now have an address and a phone number. We got the key to a P.O. Box today. Usually, a P.O. box (like most anything in this country) can take years to get. Fortunately, Mark and Adrienne had one, and they won't be needing it anymore. That's the good news. The bad news is that during their 6 months here, they only ever received one thing in the box. And, they know that many other things were sent. So . . . keep in mind that the mail system is less than dependable. We have been advised that Registered or Certified mail usually has a better chance of getting here. You can also use FedEx or DHL and be pretty certain that it will get to us, but you can also be certain that it will cost you a month's salary (I was going to say your firstborn child, but then I got to thinking about Andy Wolfe and the price of copper these days)

So, if you're going to send letters, notes or cards and you wouldn't be too upset if they were lost forever, drop 'em in the mail and we'll see what happens. For anything else, you probably want to use Certified mail or FedEx/DHL.

We also got an internet phone number.

Its a local call for anyone in the Canton area. Seriously, you can call us for free . . . just as if we were living down the street. If you're not in the Canton area, you can still call us, but it will be long distance. Of course, most of you have cell phones anyway, so it would be free for you too.

We would love to hear from you.