a beautiful morning

. . . here in San Antonio de Belen. Undoubtedly, it will be raining this afternoon, but for now its sunny and clear.

Also, I have a big announcement: Thanks to the help of a very nice gentleman from the school and the grace of God, we now have a cell phone. I don´t remember how much I´ve shared about the phone situation here in Costa Rica, but its not pretty. Land lines can take years to get, and in order to get a cell phone, you need to be a Costa Rican citizen, which we are not. There is a Costa Rican fella who helps out with various things around the school who was kind enough to drive me around yesterday to get the phone and the line. His name is Walter. I should also add that, even for CR citizens, obtaining a cell phone line is not easy. Some days there are lines available; some days there aren´t. Fortunately after much running around from place to place, we were able to get a phone and a line . . . and they might even work. Walter had to put the phone in his name, which was very kind of him to do. Because if we don´t pay, they will come after him. Hehe . . . that could make for a fun practical joke.

This morning, Robin and I led one of the 7th grade English classes. We have been visiting and observing classes, but one teacher told us to take over for the entire period. We talked about ourselves and did some bio/interview type activities. It was fun. We got these a lot:

-Do shoo haff any payts?
- Watt ease shore favv-or-eat foot?

(Hey Krystal . . . its just like Mad Gab)