as long as old men sit and talk about the weather

I can{t find the apostrophe key on this computer. This should be an interesting post.

Its raining.

Earlier today, Robin looked up at the sky and said, "I think its going to rain this afternoon." Thats kinda like saying, "I think its going to get dark tonight." Of course its going to rain in the afternoon. It always rains in the afternoon. Its funny though, because the locals still talk about the weather. People will often make comments about how much its raining in the afternoon or how hot it is during the day (here, hot = about 80), and I always want to say, "What do you expect? Its like this every day." Its also interesting to look at the "weather report" in the newspaper.

-Wow! Look at that honey. Tomorrow its going to be 75 during the day and then rain in the afternoon. I cant believe it.

I think I want to be a missionary weatherman in Costa Rica. Thats gotta be an easy job.

Today we had a couple meetings at the school. Tomorrow we start with the exit and entrance interviews of students. We{re going to do some on Saturday too. It should be a good experience. We also met with a guy from the cable company today and signed a contract. They say they will install our internet next week. We{ll see. For now, we found a cheap internet cafe thats close to our apartment. Other than the funky keyboards, its pretty nice.

We borrowed a drill from the school, so we (I) can hang curtains tonight at the house. What fun! We{re also on our third night of tough chicken. The first night, we had baked chicken. It was really tough and hard to eat. There was a lot left over. Last night, we got it back out and had tough chicken salads. There is still more left, so tonight we"re having tough chicken and rice.

Have a great night!