another day, another thousand books packed into boxes

The teachers at the school do devotionals every morning before classes. This morning, it was Adrienne's turn. She asked Mark (her husband) and I to bring some musical instruments and acompany her lesson with songs. First, we led some songs in Spanish. Then after Adrienne spoke, we played some instrumental music while people prayed. I played my guitar, and Mark played his flute. We pretty much rocked their faces off.

Then, it was back to the dungeon. We did some research on library cataloging software, which will be much better than just using Excel like we had been doing. So, we've decided to hold off on cataloging books until after the work teams come down in January and install internet in the library. Today, we started packing the books into boxes. Here's proof:

Robin packing up some books - Notice the size of her box.

Here's one of the boxes I filled. Its hard to tell, but its way bigger than Robin's. I filled about four of these. After filling each one, I had to use all my strength to slide them across the floor. I kinda want to be there when the people from the mission teams try to lift them.

Library sweet Library

After school, we rode along with a bunch of people from the school to a mall. We ate lunch at the food court and bought some needed things at a grocery store.

For the first time in my life, I bought a soccer ball (I can hear Roloff's communist jokes already). I bought it to take to the kids at los Guizaros. I figure they'll know what to do with it.

Have you ever had spicy spaghetti? We did last night. I was making spaghuetti (I really have no idea how to spell it) for dinner, and I noticed a small package of spices left over from the pizza we had shared with friends a few days ago. I assumed it was oregano or something. I figured it might add some flavor to the usually boring spagetti, so I tossed it in with the noodles while they boiled. It was red pepper. Wow! It was definately the first time I've ever cried while eating spaguetty.

We've been doing a secret friend gift exchange thing at school. We give a few small gifts and then a bigger gift at the end. Today, my secret friend gave me fruit. Its funny, because we just bought a bunch of fruit yesterday. Oh well, you can never have too much. Anyway, he/she gave me a bunch of typical Costa Rican fruits that I've never had before. Any idea what these are?

In this picture, you can't really see the small orange things in a bag. I just cut one open to try it. It was discusting. And yes, I think I do know what those long yellow things are in the back.