Where the streets have no name . . .

A bunch of randomness from the last few days here:

-The streets really don´t have names. Well, unless you consider ¨the highway that runs toward downtown¨a street name. I know what you´re thinking. How do they do addresses? That´s easy. They just compare things to a landmark. For example, the address of the school where we will be working eventually is: 300 meters north of the Panasonic factory.

And when I go there, I go there with you . . .

- Jen Beck would love it here. I really like wandering around our neighborhood. There´s a lot to explore, and there are many sights that would make great photos.

- I am really enjoying language classes. Most of the other students here see the classe as a bit of a chore. But as a Spanish teacher (and a nerd), I like them. We have a grammar class and a conversation class.

- I have to make a twenty minute presentation tomorrow for our conversation class. We each have to take turns presenting an issue to discuss. I am going first. The catch is that the presenter has to play ¨abogado del diablo¨ (literally- the devil´s lawyer). Tomorrow, I get to talk about why I believe that God doesn´t exist. Robin and the other fella in our group have to prove me wrong. I sure hope they can.

- Beach soccer is more important than Ohio State football. We get cable at the house where we´re staying. They have ESPN, but its hispanic ESPN, which means priority for programming goes to any soccer match occurring anywhere in the world. There was an advertisement that the Ohio State game would be on Saturday night. But alas, there was a beach soccer game going on in Portugal, so we didn´t get to see it. You don´t know what beach soccer is?? Its soccer on the beach. Its about as interesting as it sounds. Fortunately, there were no soccer games on the face of the earth last night, and we got to watch the Aguilas and the Empacadores play Monday Night Football. Tooochdown Doh-no- fan Meek Nab! Spanish sports commentators are great.

- Since my last post, I´ve eaten a taco and a ham sandwich with Ketchup on them.

- We squished Chester the other night and his brother last night. We bought a can of Raid and sprayed most of it in our room. I´m pretty sure that all the remaining cockroaches (and the neighborhood pets) are dead. We sprayed quite a bit.

- Church on Sunday was really neat. If you´ve never been to a hispanic church service, you should go. Great music, great message and a genuine excitement about being there.

- Seriously, who puts ketchup on a taco?

- There are some neat people in our group at the language institute. There is one retired fella from Colorado who is here for a month to improve his Spanish just so he can be a more effective witness to the Spanish speakers in his area. There is another couple who are the directors of all of Latin America for a mission organization (I can´t remember the name). The took us out for coffee for our anniversary.

- Tomorrow marks three years of marriage for Robin and me. Our host family suggested that we take advantage of the 2 for 1 deal at the cine on Wednesdays. We may do that. It will also mark our one week anniversary of being in Costa Rica. Only 103 more to go. I´m really not counting, but I can imagine this conversation taking place in Sunday School.

Brad: Wow that was fast math. You´re such a dork.
Andy: Yeah, cause it is hard to subtract one from 104.

- We still haven´t begun to look for a house/apartment yet, but we will soon.

- I have to go make up reasons why God doesn´t exist.