What's it like in the future? . . . hehe

Its been a pretty uneventful Saturday. I wasn't able to watch any college football, but I did catch the end of Everwood and most of the Gillmore Girls. We had a late breakfast and a late lunch. This afternoon, Robin and I took a walk to a used furniture store. It was pretty much a bunch of old, ugly couches. Tonight, we went to a special service at church. There was a musical group that played. It was two guitarrists and a violinist. They played a bunch of instrumental songs and sang some in Spanish and some in Hebrew. It was pretty cool. Then, we came home and had toasted cheese sandwiches.

There's a vertical yellow line going down this computer screen. Any idea what we could do to get rid of it?

I think I heard that tonight is the night when you move your clocks back. We don't do that here. So now, we'll be just one hour behind you instead of two. But don't worry, when we talk to some of you on the phone, I will still make corny jokes about talking to you in the future.