the weekend

Here we go . . . my blog is fixed, my belt is back on the right way, and I'm ready to get you all caught up to speed with what's been going on here in the Western Hemisphere.

We graduated from language school. Here's a picture of me with a certificate that says I can espeak the espanish.

As part of the graduation ceremony, we led some songs. This is us singing "Te alabare"

This is a picture of us at the school.

This is us with our friends Rob and Donna.

We took the bus (which really means two busses and a taxi) to go look at some furniture in Alajuela.

We "took the bus" again to Alajuela to actually buy the aforementioned furniture. It was a fridge and a stove. We went to the house of the lady selling it. She knew a guy with a truck who was able to take us and the fridge and stove to our apartment. We got the stuff to our apartment building, but unfortunately, we didn't have keys. The guard had keys to a different apartment, so we were able to store them in a different apartment for now. So, we now have a fridge and a stove . . . kinda. Thats a big step for us. Up next, a bed and a washing machine.

We are at the home of Mark and Adrienne Parcher. They are fellow LAM missionaries who are working at La Palabra de Vida. We are staying with them for a few days until we can move into our apartment on Wednesday. They will be leaving in December, and we will be able to buy some household things from them. We're thankful that we can buy some needed things from them, but we're sad that they won't be working here next year. They are a neat couple.

We hope to do some more furniture hunting / moving in.